Biggest evolution of Facebook marketing since 2008

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Newsletter #114
January 29, 2017

It’s no secret that Facebook has a lot of traffic to which you can distribute your marketing. Facebook ads are very popular among internet marketers because you can laser target your ads based on the wealth of data that Facebook has about its users – age, location, interests, career and the list goes on.

Facebook actually started selling ads from day 1, back in 2004. However, for many years, only elite advertisers had access to Facebook’s traffic, and it was done through a sales team.


In 2008, things changed. This was when Facebook launched its self-service ad platform. Now, anyone can place an ad on Facebook, no matter how low their budget and without speaking to the sales team.

In 2017, the next big evolution of Facebook marketing is happening.

Now, you can place ads on Facebook directly from within another piece of software. MailChimp, a simple email marketing and customer relationship management system, is one of the first to offer this new feature.

In other words, you can place Facebook ads directly from within MailChimp. The advantage is that MailChimp takes care of a lot of the work for you and simplifies the process.

Katie of MailChimp says it allows you to do more of your marketing in one place.

Until now, you had at least two main internet marketing activities that you would have to do in separate places:

  1. Use a customer relationship management or marketing system to write your emails, sales pages, etc
  2. Go to a popular website or traffic source and place ads to distribute your offer to people

In the future, it will be possible to do both of these things from one place. Interesting times ahead!

Facebook Messenger Ads

Still on the topic of Facebook ads, there are now ads in Messenger.

For now, they are actually the same as the news feed ads but distributed in a different place, and only being tested out to users in Australia and Thailand.

Here is the official announcement by Eddie Zhang.

WordPress 4.7.2

WordPress is an open source and free content management system that has been a hugely popular and powerful tool for internet marketing since 2003. Most of the who’s who of internet marketing use WordPress for their websites.

A major new version of WordPress is released about three times a year. Last month, version 4.7 came out with some new features and behind the scenes improvements.

Now, version 4.7.2 of WordPress is out. This is a security release that you should install to fix security holes with previous versions. Here is the official announcement by Aaron D. Campbell.

AWeber Stats 2.1

AWeber is a very popular email marketing product and simple customer relationship management system. It’s also one of the oldest systems that people trust to power their internet marketing.

Did you know that AWeber includes a mobile app? It’s called AWeber Stats and it allows you to see all the results – opens, clicks, unsubscribes – of the recent emails you’ve sent out to your list. It’s free to all AWeber customers.

Tom Tate of the AWeber team just announced version 2.1 of this app, which has made some improvements to make it more user friendly.

Quotation of the Day

“In fact, people are already regularly messaging businesses with over 1 billion messages sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month.

– Eddie Zhang


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