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Newsletter #107
January 18, 2017

It’s the middle of the week and internet marketing is powering along as fast as ever.

Eben Pagan, who is one of the most talked about and written about leaders in internet marketing, hosted a live webinar last night called “The State of the Future”.

He discussed some of the key stories and trends from this past year, and talked about where he believes things are going in the future, based on the trends he’s been watching over the past year.

Who is Eben Pagan?

He shared a couple of stories from the past year about how technology has been accelerating innovation and change, and where they indicate things will be going in business and in our personal lives.

If you missed the webinar, I’ll tell you a bit more about it in the coming days.

In the meantime, you can read more about Eben and how he’s contributed to internet marketing here.

Right now, however, here’s what else has been going on.

Changes to Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is one of the most respected sources in the internet marketing world. It publishes all its information and advice based on the tests and experiments it does. These are in a variety of different markets.

Recently, Digital Marketer changed its front page. It is now offering its flagship product, DigitalMarketer Lab, to a “by invitation only” model. In other words, you have to opt-in by email to get the details of the product.

It’s an interesting opt-in tactic. See it for yourself here.

Upcoming live event: SMX West

SMX West is a live event that will be happening in San Jose, California in March. It’s going to cover search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.

There are going to be six pre-conference workshops that cover a particular subject in detail. You can read about them here.

Gen Z attitudes to online ads

A recent Marketing Land article, by Greg Sterling, brought our attention to a recent study that finds the attitudes to online ads between Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z.

The biggest finding of the study was that Gen Z is more resistant to and less interested in online ads than its older generation counterparts.

You can read more at the article here.

2017 Email Marketing Master Class

AWeber is a very popular email marketing product and simple customer relationship management system. It’s also one of the oldest.

The company is running a 2017 Email Marketing Master Class. The class will be delivered online over 6 weeks through email (of course) and will be taught by 6 different email marketing experts.

Registration closes tonight at 11:59 and the class begins on January 24. You can register here.

Quotation of the Day

“It’s particularly tricky to get Gen Z to engage, because they are highly discriminating and more averse to advertising in general. In the online space Gen Z are significantly more likely to skip ads, suggesting they have a lower threshold for boredom. They are also more turned off by invasive, interruptive online and mobile formats.”

– Kantar Millward Brown, Inc


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