Ed Dale interviews John Reese

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Newsletter #111
January 24, 2017

Ed Dale has been running The Challenge since 2006. It’s a free online training program he created that teaches people how to make their first dollar with internet marketing.

After nine years, he has only just started a podcast to support his students on a weekly basis. He is going to interview guests on how they made their first dollar.

In episode 1, he interviews John Reese. John was famous for being the first on the internet to make a million dollars in a day. John is difficult to find these days so it’s unusual to find him on a podcast.

Who is John Reese?

I highly recommend you listen if you want to learn about an internet marketing pioneer.

John shares how he would start all over again if he had to.

Also, John reveals he’s about to start a podcast of his own, which I’ll update you about later.

John and Ed are both internet marketing pioneers who have shaped the history of the industry. For example, John was one of the first to create an autoresponder and Ed was one of the first Australians to own a domain name.

To find out about more people like them, take a look at module 3 of our free course.

Amy Porterfield Goes Live

Amy Porterfield is one of the world’s favorite specialists in social media marketing. She honed her skills as director of content development and managing large scale online marketing campaigns for Tony Robbins and later went solo.

She has a large following as an online marketing guru because of her brand of simplifying what is a complicated and stressful activity for many.

Amy recently did a Facebook live broadcast about how to get over projects that take too long to complete. She calls them entrepreneurial rabbit holes.

Perry Marshall’s Hawaii Intensive

Perry Marshall is a best selling author who introduced many best practices in Google AdWords and pay-per-click marketing. In his more recent books and information products, he has also taught Facebook marketing and the 80/20 rule as it applies to marketing and sales.

Perry has just announced an extremely high end 2-day event he is hosting in early March, called Hawaii Intensive. It’s being held in a resort in Hawaii.

He’s limiting it to just 4 attendees and he’ll be giving them personal consulting and coaching.

7 Deadly Sales Mistakes

Yes, usually articles that start with a number are inane and rehashed. But here’s one called 7 Deadly Sales Mistakes that’s actually fresh and smart.

Derek Halpern, an up and coming online marketing guru, wrote this. Derek has created a number of products, such as Zippy Courses, which enables people to sell online courses on their own website.

In this article he also explains what sales has to do with misogynists and a viral Instagram account.

LinkedIn Gets a Facelift

Did you know that LinkedIn has never done a major redesign? It’s made some tweaks over the years but never a major overhaul until now.

Tamar Weinberg of Marketing Land takes a peek at LinkedIn’s new look and how it’s going to help people better market themselves and their skills on the internet.

Quotation of the Day

“Trump’s victory was an alarm bell. It shattered the comfy cozy echo chambers many of had built for ourselves.”

– Perry Marshall


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