Facebook’s solution to fake news

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Newsletter #131
March 9, 2017

Since the 2016 presidential election, the finger’s been pointed at Facebook to police the distribution of fake news.

In other words, information that may be totally false and sometimes inflammatory, but still thrives among people who want to believe it.

Well, Facebook has finally rolled out its solution.


When a piece of news is shared on Facebook, either a Facebook user can report it as fake, or Facebook’s detection software will sometimes catch something odd about it.

Then, Facebook will send the story to its fact-checking partners, such as Snopes and Politifact.

If the consensus is that the news is fake, the story will stay on Facebook but accompanied with a warning that it’s “Disputed”.

That’s the process, although it has its critics. Peter Kafka of Recode says that the company is approaching the issue gingerly.

Perhaps the biggest point here is that if fake news can be distributed on Facebook, then so can your offer. You have something to sell and Facebook has people who will buy it.

Facebook marketing is very popular today because you can laser target your ads based on the wealth of data that Facebook has about its users – age, location, interests, career and the list goes on.

Facebook’s self-serve ad platform is one of the best ways to distribute your offer to new and existing customers.

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Advanced event planning tips

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If you’re focused on internet marketing, you might not consider running live events, but you should reconsider passing up what is a great opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

One of James’ recent podcasts outlined the process of hosting an event and gave out a checklist you can use. Now, he’s followed it up with a sequel podcast on advanced event planning tips. Take a look here.

Document, don’t create

Gary Vaynerchuk, who used online video marketing to take his family wine business to the high 8 figures, has become a major influencer in the area of social media marketing. He has mastered the use of platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat like no one else.

These days, Gary runs VaynerMedia, an agency that helps Fortune 500 companies execute on the same kind of social media and internet marketing strategy that Gary originally did with his wine business.

Gary recently took to Facebook to share his biggest tip for those who want to be seen or heard on social media: document, don’t create.

Quotation of the Day

“In very simple terms, documenting versus creating is what The Real World and the Kardashians is to Star Wars and Friends.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

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