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Newsletter #104
January 14, 2017

Every December and January, everyone likes to proclaim their predictions for the coming year.

Some of them are outlandish!

Especially in internet marketing, everyone wants to put their opinions forward, no matter how unqualified they may be. I’m going to spare you the craziest predictions and only share the ones from those who know what they’re talking about.

Here is one set of predictions from a trusted source.

The article talks about predictions for internet marketing in 2017. It’s from the Digital Marketer team, which is one of the most respected sources in the internet marketing world. Digital Marketer publishes all its information and advice based on the tests and experiments it does. These are in a variety of different markets.

It was started by Ryan Deiss, who has been doing internet marketing since he was studying finance at a Texas university in 2000.

Who is Ryan Deiss?

Here are some highlights from the article.

Ryan himself predicts that Facebook Messenger and similar mediums will start to carry some of the marketing messages that only email previously delivered, such as transactional messages and offers.

Molly Pittman predicts that consumers will require more “touch points” with a brand before they’re ready to buy.

Marcus Murphy makes a prediction about organizations that are inept when it comes to sales. They will try to automate the sales process using artificial intelligence, and fail!

This is one set of predictions worth reading because it comes from a trusted source.

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Quotation of the Day

“Facebook Messenger, in particular, is an application I had my eye on as 2016 came to a close.”

– Ryan Deiss


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