Success, seminars and selling

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Newsletter #128
February 28, 2017

Welcome back. Today’s top stories cover the topics of success, seminars and selling.

Gary V’s secrets to success

Gary Vaynerchuk, who used online video marketing to take his family wine business to the high 8 figures, has become a major influencer in the area of social media marketing. He has mastered the use of platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat like no one else.

These days, Gary runs VaynerMedia, an agency that helps Fortune 500 companies execute on the same kind of social media and internet marketing strategy that Gary originally did with his wine business.

Gary recently did an interview with Eric Adams of GrowthLab. He shared his 5 biggest secrets to success in the areas of marketing and company growth.

How to run a live event

Super Fast Business is one of our recommended premium online memberships that will help you take your marketing to the next level.

James Schramko is the owner and he aims it at more intermediate and advanced internet marketers. Not only do you get access to James’ information and yearly live events, but also the community of other like-minded members.

If you’re focused on internet marketing, you might not consider running live events, but you should reconsider passing up what is a great opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. James recently published a useful podcast where he outlines the process of hosting an event and gives out a checklist you can use.

Always be closing

Ben Settle calls himself the world leader of email copywriting education. When you familiarize yourself with the who’s who of internet marketing, it’s near impossible to not hear about Ben as an authority on internet marketing strategy based on email.

Ben has been publishing weekly new podcast episodes since the start of 2017 and his latest episode is a particular highlight. He explains the difference between making your pitch at the last minute and continually “closing” from the very start of the relationship, and which is the better approach.

Quotation of the Day

“People often get caught up trying to solve a problem that they absolutely 100 percent cannot solve. So you have to defuse the chance of failure by using the truth. Just say there’s no way to achieve it.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

That’s all for today. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter, and reach out if you need anything.


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