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Newsletter #119
February 6, 2017

For 10 years, StudioPress has been a provider of ready made designs (themes) for WordPress. These are optimized for internet marketing and trusted by many of the top names in our industry.

In 2010, it became part of Brian Clark’s Copyblogger family, which exposed it to a wider audience and allowed it more development resources. This is Brian:

Who is Brian Clark?

If you’re using any kind of WordPress website in your marketing, it’s likely that StudioPress has a design that suits your needs.

This month marks the next big evolution of StudioPress, and it’s the launch of StudioPress Sites. It’s the ease of an all-in-one website builder like Squarespace or Wix combined with the flexible power of WordPress.

There are no bandwidth surprises or hidden charges that often come with self hosting, but none of the inflexibility that comes with Squarespace or Wix. You can still pick and choose from WordPress plugins that suit your purposes.

Here’s where to learn more at the official website.

StudioPress and WordPress are two of our recommended products you should consider to produce your internet marketing.

In our free course, you can get a full review of these products. You will find out what they enable you to do and why we recommend them over alternatives such as Squarespace and Wix. You’ll also see what other products work in combination to produce your marketing.

It’s all available here for free in module number 8.

Super Fast Business Accepting New Members

Super Fast Business is one of our recommended premium online memberships that will help you take your marketing to the next level.

James Schramko is the owner and he aims it at more intermediate and advanced internet marketers. Not only do you get access to James’ information and yearly live events, but also the community of other like-minded members.

In more recent times, James has closed the membership to new members, to preserve the existing community and keep it the right size. He’s just opened up to new members again, but only for a limited time.

Check module 10 to find out if Super Fast Business is for you, and then you can go here to join.

Taboola Opens New Office

Taboola is a content discovery platform. In other words, you can use Taboola to get traffic to your website by having Taboola place ads on informational and news websites, usually below the article in a section labeled Related Articles or something similar.

Megan Morreale of the team announced that the company has opened its new office in Be’er Sheva, Israel.

ClickBank Gives 60% Discount on Robert Kiyosaki Seminars

ClickBank is a digital product retailer that has paid out over 2 billion in affiliate commissions. It’s an option worth considering if you’re looking to sell other people’s products because it has a whole library of digital products you can sell on the internet.

ClickBank just announced on its Facebook page that it has teamed up with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad to offer an exclusive 60% off discount to his financial seminars in Barcelona, Spain.

If you’re interested, here’s where you can claim.

Quotation of the Day

“We were always aware of the debt we owed to the StudioPress line of business, and more importantly, the community that had grown around the Genesis Framework. Which is to say, we always planned to come back to it and give it the love it deserved.”

– Brian Clark

That’s all for today. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter, and reach out if you need anything.


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