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Newsletter #124
February 15, 2017

You may not know that I’ve been writing these newsletters since 2013 (yes, since four years ago).

You won’t find the earliest ones on this website, but I do remember reporting back in 2013 that musician was going to appear on a new reality TV show that would be similar to The X Factor but for technology entrepreneurs.

Years passed and no news about the new show. Then, I heard today that it’s about to happen.

It’s called Planet of the Apps and it’s a reality TV show where app inventors pitch their app to get investment and exposure. The show will be published on Apple Music very soon.

Here’s the official website.

The other stars of the show alongside are Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vaynerchuk in particular has been a major influencer in the internet marketing field, particularly social media marketing.

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary used online video marketing to take his family wine business to the high 8 figures, and now he runs an agency that does the same kind of marketing as a service for Fortune 500 companies. He has mastered the use of platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat like no one else.

You can learn more about Gary’s innovations when you give yourself a history lesson in internet marketing.

Facebook videos will play with sound on

It’s no secret that Facebook has a lot of traffic that you can put your marketing in front of. Facebook ads are very popular among internet marketers because you can laser target your ads based on the wealth of data that Facebook has about its users – age, location, interests, career and the list goes on.

Especially if you run video ads on Facebook, and even if you just like watching videos on Facebook, you’ll like this change.

Facebook is now going to play videos with the sound on by default, instead of muted by default. They found that 70% of the time, people turn on the sound anyway. Here’s the official announcement.

GetResponse limited discount (ends tomorrow)

Email marketing is the most essential form of internet marketing in your strategy. You’re going to need an email service provider that sends out your email and manages your list.

GetResponse is one of these email service providers. It’s quite affordable and many internet marketers have recently switched over to it from traditional favorite AWeber because of its functionality and rapid development.

Yet to sign up for an email service provider? GetResponse is offering a 40% discount for Valentine’s Day, but the promotion ends February 16.

John Reese about to launch Course Label Workshop

John Reese is one of the most experienced people in internet marketing. He’s been running different businesses since as early as 1990, was one of the first to create an autoresponder, and he was the first person on the internet to make a million dollars in 24 hours.

Recently, he hinted at his new 4-week online class, Course Label Workshop, which would be about how to sell informational courses on the internet and have other people teach them.

Now, he’s put up a whole lot of details about the class, which starts on Monday.

Quotation of the Day

“WHAT. A. WEEK. Spent most of my time out west wrapping up filming for Planet of the Apps. I can’t wait for you guys to check it out !!”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

That’s all for today. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter, and reach out if you need anything.


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