What You Should Sell in 2017

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Newsletter #118
February 4, 2017

John Reese is one of the most experienced people in internet marketing.

He’s been running different businesses since as early as 1990, and he was the first person to make a million dollars in 24 hours.

Although John doesn’t make as many appearances these days as he used to, he just published an information-packed video about the near perfect online business model for 2017.

Who is John Reese?

In other words, he answers the question once and for all: what should you sell in 2017 to make the most money?

He carefully dissects the pros and cons of five different kinds of products commonly sold on the internet today:

  1. Coaching
  2. Agency services
  3. E-commerce products
  4. Software as a service
  5. Information products

and finally, he makes a conclusion about which he recommends. (Hint: it’s a variation upon one of the above)

John also introduces Course Label Workshop, his new product that helps people to get started with his recommended business model.

Watch John’s new video here.

Deciding what to sell is the first decision you have to make when venturing into internet marketing. There are actually two steps to deciding what to sell:

  1. Define your ideal customer
  2. Identify what they want

For example, you might decide that you want to sell a house cleaning service. What kind of customer can you best help and what is it that they’re looking for? That will allow you to come up with the most powerful offer.

For a more detailed look at this exercise, take a look at module 4 of our free course.

Chris Farrell’s Marketing Minute

Chris Farrell is an originally British internet marketer who later moved to Los Angeles, California. He’s run live events and also consulted for the likes of Inc magazine.

He is best known for Chris Farrell Membership, an award winning program that teaches internet marketing to beginners.

At the start of 2017, Chris started co-hosting an online TV show called Help My Business, which is also hosted by Andrew Lock. The latest episode is only the second that Chris has co-hosted.

He shares an interesting story about how Netflix came up with one of its most popular shows of all time.

Infusionsoft February 2017 Product Update

Infusionsoft is one of many internet marketing products that aims to manage the full stack. It includes automated email marketing, a customer relationship management system, order forms and a host of other features.

It is priced higher than simpler products, but is used and endorsed by many of the industry leaders.

Infusionsoft makes a monthly video with updates made to the product. Here’s the February edition.

Quotation of the Day

“A massive revolution is happening in the world right now. There are an explosion of new businesses and more people than ever will end up working for themselves than at any point in history.”

– John Reese


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